Makeup for albino skin

How to make up the albino skin? Tips and Tricks ...

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First, let us understand briefly on the skin albino:

According to "Wikipedia" the Latin term of albinism: (Albus, White, also called the achromia, or acromasia acromatose) is a congenital disorder characterized by partial or complete absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes due to absence or defect an enzyme involved in melanin production. Albinism results from inheritance of recessive alleles and is known to affect all vertebrates, including humans. The most common term used for an organism affected by albinism is "albino".
Also appear equivalent albinism on plants, that lack some compounds dyes, such as carotene. It is a hereditary condition that appears with the combination of genes that are recessive in the parents.
So the albino skin is more delicate than other skins, and before using makeup, must pass SUN SHIELD number stronger than to protect the skin from solar effects. And you should use a sunscreen that does not cause skin allergies.

So, how albinism skin makeup? Test before.
The use of makeup is restricted, has to be proper and hypoallergenic makeup. There are people who have food allergies for almost everything. Therefore, careful use of makeup.

The albino skin in general has pulled a pink color. So why stick with the makeup
a more natural color and decrease the effect a little pink, you should use green concealer, but clear.
In this picture above ... we see a model with a lipstick that was very good on her. Tone used vinho.Foi gloss, an effect that left his mouth with more volume. This was very pale makeup, blush of the peach color to make a more healthy.
One trick is very important that the skin is pulled over the yellow color, which happens to some people. Use color to break the yellow roses. And if the skin is pulled over the color pink, which is more common in albino skin. Use different shades of yellow shades, which will help to temper the effect of pink.

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Remember: The smoother the makeup, the more beautiful and highlight receive albino skin.

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In the photo above we saw a beautiful makeup albino skin. As her skin is more pink .. used to shade a yellow, brown to mark the concave, and a slightly smoky purple tone that was half purple. The blush was brown that left her face looking thinner and longer look chic. We used pink lipstick with liquid gloss  to give a glow to the make. This article about makes for an albino skin was suggested by a friend who said he never thinks anything about makeup for albinos. I found it very interesting to talk about it here. Because I've seen people with albinism often on TV claiming that the makeup tips are always directed to white skin, black, oriental, etc. .. but never seen on TV tips for people with albinism. And each person is special and has its different beauty. Whether it is an albino, black, oriental, white. We are all unique and special beings. Each person can enhance their beauty and value their strengths. This is good even for the person's mind. Who does not feel as self-esteem better after a good makeup and accessories .. a hairstyle like that? Is not that right girls? Well, thats it. I hope these tips have helped you ... and soon i will to publish makeup tips for VITILIGO skin.

Tip Material submitted by: Ana Claudia Estanislau.

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