Make up for albino skin part 2

                                                     Photo by: Simona Cimino. Italy

Hello friends, in my 2nd article with make up tips for albino skin I will post more photos as examples, I hope you enjoy!
 In the photo above is Simona in Japanese style clothing with beautiful makeup that emphasizes get albino beauty.

                                                                       Imagem: By Google

Notice her face before and after the makeup is applied in the photo below. Look how beautifully she has done her make up. Note that her make up was done in a way that highlighted her clear eyes. We notice that she has colored in her eye brows. You can use a brown pencil or a brown shadow to color in the eye brows.

                                                          Imagem: By Simona Cimino

Simona used a black eye liner to line her eyes and a wonderful mascara which makes her look like she has fake eyelashes.

                                                                  Imagem by: Google.

                             The mascara she used was I love extreme by the brand essence.

The mascara enhances albino skin. If you do not want to use black mascara for lashes then you can use brown mascara which will also look good and natural. You may want to test the products used just incase someone is allergic to them or you can buy hypoallergenic products.
Remember that to have a more beautiful effect, always paint the eyebrows, even if you are pale and use mascara that will lengthen, add volume and curl lashes. Hence the importance of good products.

                                                                     Imagem by: Simona Cimino.

In the photo above Simona wore pink blush and lipstick, not to bright or to pale. It looks beautiful.

                                                           Simona Cimino.

In the photo above Simona has done a cat eye style eye liner. This style has been widely used for 60 years. This style can be hard to achieve but you must: practice practice practice!!! and in time it will be easy. If the line is smudged then just clean it up with a cotton swab.

                                                                    Simona Cimino.

She has used a slightly pink lipstick and lipgloss to give BRIGHTNESS and FULLNESS to the lips. When you want to achieve the effect of larger lips you should use gloss. Play with different lipstick colors to find colors that work for you.

                                        Eyes well defined make your eyes look very clear.

                                                                 Lori Meyers. Austrália.

In the image above courtesy of Lori...
We see her beautiful eyes lined with a black eye liner pencil. She has done her eye liner thicker on the outer corners of her eyes. She has used a peach toned blush and a pink lipstick. The pink looks great on albino skin. She looks beautiful.

Imagem by: Lori Meyers.

In the 2nd picture you can see that Lori wore a redish orange lipstick. She has also done a black cat eye like simona did.
When a person wears glasses it is better to do a more dramatic eye because if the make up is to light it may not show up well.
Well while I am on this matter I will soon be publishing makeup for people who wear glasses.

                                                    Imagem by: Kat Alppebee. Philippines.

What about this makeup? She rockes!! She used a red slightly closed lips. It was excellent. And is going into fashion this year is red lipstick, no matter what kind ... cherry red, dark red, plum etc.. She wore a brown shade. Recalling that the color more neutral of all colors of skin color is brown, it looks great on all skin colors. Use and bump!

                                                        Imagem by: Kat Alppebee

                    The photo of Kat is quite sweet, she used soft tones for a wedding day.

                                                    Imagem by: April Nicholas. USA.

Here April wore concealer, foundation and powder that left her skin looking very healthy, she used an earthy toned blush and light pink lipstick.
Often with makeup less is more. Everything is so delicate that makes it look wonderful!

                                                       Imagem by: April Nicholas.

                                      This clean make up  was very good with this hairstyle.

                                                          Imagem by: April Nicholas.

Here April wore concealer, foundation and powder that left her skin looking very healthy, she used an earthy toned blush and light pink lipstick.

Well friends I hope you enjoyed this and continue to send suggestions for me. Thank you for visiting my webpage and  I thank all the girls who kindly lent their images to contribute to the story that I wrote.
Bye! ... and until next time.

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